Z.Team Yossi Team Meet
Saturday, February 17th, 2001

Text $ Photos by Wilson Tai $ Z.Team Yossi

Clockwise from the left side: Michael's Spoon-Spec '98 ITR, John's Multimedia Nitrous Eclipse, Steve's Azect Accord, Jon's Supercharged Multimedia C230, Koji's Buddy Club EK, Laurence's Mugen Civic, and Blake's Zeal Integra GSR.

The the many members coming together at the same time and place was offset by the persistent rain which led us to find alternate modes of fun. Hence, the parking lot backdrop we used for these photos. Even against the glum weather, the many smiles and laughs made it a great day. 

ZTY colleagues: John H, Steve C, Michael Y, Jon P, Laurence X, Blake, Koji M, Jeff J, Andy J, Miles H, Shaun T. ZTY friends: Ian. Diane, Quan and Mike. Andy suggested Blake pull a fatty burnout to wake the sun from its snooze. Blake answered with the help of some of the team members holding it down. Check out the 336k MPEG of Blake's Burnout.
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Blake's GSR: Sporting a set of 18" TE37 lightweights matched to Tein Coilovers, this DC2 handles and looks great. Blake let me have the keys to this badboy and I tested it in the Berkeley hill twisties. If I had a choice, I'd trade for 16" gunmetal silver TE37 and then the car would love the turns even more. In deep turns, there is a slight wheel rub on the front wheels but with 18 big ones, that is expected. Power-wise this GSR is perfect for the streets and for the weekend warrior - it makes the drivers head snap back and makes others heads turn when the VTEC engages. Exterior goodies: CF hood matched to a Zeal JDM R conversion with a shaved wing.


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Steve's Accord: Steve drives this sedan everyday to work and school. He rolled up to the photo shoot with a full carload of savages. Can your Honda do that? How to produce a mean looking sedan: Azect Xtreme body kit, composite CF hood, 18" 3-piece SSR GP-O, and S2000 gunmetal silver paint.
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John's Eclipse: Driven daily to the state university and to work daily, John puts on grips of miles. In fact, he's burned through his 6 month old tires already. As you can see above, Andy and John were playing Playstation 2 in the car. John has a new multimedia system consisting of Playstation 2 and Alpine DVD video - it's Bobby Digital fly. As for the exterior, I'm sure all of you know about his car, it's a trend setter in the extreme class. The flamboyant design of the car might not be for all of you, but it gets props in my books. You see all those cars out there with roof scoops? John's car inspired them to do it as he was the first in the scene to do it. Back in the day he was the first to have a VeilSide styled body kit for the Eclipse as well, soon everyone and their momma had one. Well that is the history of this car, copying is the ultimate form of flattery. The last picture is John's bowling ball. Notice the name that is etched in the ball? John has a mean spin delivery. The newest upgrades: Jaguar Ice Blue pearl paint, 18" 3-piece SSR GP-O Evolutions, candy blue carbon fiber hood, and rear disc conversion to match his 3000GT front brakes.
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Jon's C230K: It's been a busy year for Jon P. He participated in almost every S.Cal show this year, but he lives in the Bay Area. That says a lot about his enthusiasm. He took home 16 titles this year - a feat that deserves respect and admiration. 19" 3-piece Axis wheels intended for a Ferrari Modena 360 were custom fitted to the Benzo. Behind those massive alloys, 13" Porsche brakes at all four corners. He just took home $1000 Best Euro at SEMA's International Auto Salon and also 1st Place in the 1-150 watt stereo competition with his new Pentium 3 DVD full multimedia powered stereo system. Jon's C230K adds the Luxury Sport Euro flavor to ZTY. He's got too many mods to list, fortunately he has them posted on his own site: http://go.to/westcoastbenzos. This coming 2001 year, Jon is ready to take home the money. If you haven't heard, they call him Bruce.

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Koji's EK: Buddy Club Civic sporting Advan RG's in racing gold, Tein coilovers, Jun Auto rear wing, Racing Medallion, Sparco Sprint seats, sounds simple and clean huh? Indeed! B-series DOHC VTEC powerplant coming to an engine bay near you. 
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Laurence's Civic: This coupe represents an ideal route for the budget minded enthusiast. Laurence went with the Mugen body kit and the Volk Racing TE37 bronze clones. With that route, he saved a grip of money to sacrifice "brand name performance and quality." With the saved money, he picked up a new Pioneer wide screen DVD/CD video monitor and a Recaro SRD seat for those long commutes to work. To find out about Laurence's Civic and his lifestyle, check out his site at: www.importfever.com.
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Mike's Integra Type R: Wow! At Mike's last public appearance, he was sporting 17" Volk Racing TE37 with the Mugen front end and aluminum wing. When he pulled up, we thought we were watching an Option video. Alas, we were blessed with an all new Spoon spec ITR. Behind those 5 lugs rest Spoon SW388's along with the 4 piston Spoon calipers. Up front, Spoon hood and Spoon lip in carbon fiber. Mike also managed to pick up HID projectors. Both Mike's on the team have HID JDM conversions now. Check out the shaved hatch, clean! This car gets my vote for form and function to perfection. I have never seen an Integra sporting all the exterior Spoon goodies - another first that I'm sure will be followed. For the shows, Mike will bust out the new Spoon gunmetal lightweight racing lug nuts. The yellow 4 wheel drive RC car is Mike's side project: note the matching CF and magnesium wheels.
Z.Team Yossi 2001 Members Meet
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